This Man Growled Like a Lunatic and Saved 20% on His Purchase

Andy is a manly man: he drives a large truck, works in the oil fields, owns a trucking company, and is digging out his own pond in his backyard.  So, you might think it may not have been much of a stretch for him to embody the paragon of masculinity known as the fictional wrestling icon "Bonesaw."  On the contrary, he was a bit nervous, but, as you can see, he didn't let his nerves get the best of him, and he was able to channel his internal grappler and put on a performance worthy of the WWE.  Why in the world would Andy be willing to put on such a performance?  

Of course, you might think, and you'd be partially right, for the fame, notoriety and attention he's invariably about to experience.  But, as you might also suspect, there's another carrot dangling out there for Andy that was even more attractive: money!  That's right, he saved 20% on his purchase of three or more reclaimed billboards (which worked out to $44 in this case) simply by having a little fun, and letting us film it.  We certainly think a little self-deprecating humor is worth saving dozens of dollars, and we're willing to bet you think so, too. 

Prove it to us!  Stop by during the month of April to pick up three or more reclaimed billboards, say "Bonesaw is ready!" in your best raspy wrestler voice, and instantly save 20% off your purchase!  We don't care if you're a big, tough guy like Andy, if you're a petite, young woman, or anything in between; we just want to see you have some fun!  Of course, we have to film you and share your rendition with the world, but all that fame and fortune will be oh so worth it.  

Stop by the "The Lab" at 36 West Fayette Ave, Unit 1, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  We're ready; are you?

Micah Salmon
Micah Salmon


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