Whatever it Takes! (Except Hurting Puppies...)

Modified shipping crate on the left compared to an original.  We'll do whatever it takes to get you your reclaimed materials! Our custom freight crate with amazing reclaimed material heading to a lucky customer in Tennessee.

Some folks at an interior design company in Tennessee needed a way to display some of their work at their headquarters, and found that the reclaimed medium-sized acrylic display cases we have available would be perfect. They needed four, yet, the crates they usually ship in only hold three. What to do?

Well, instead of increasing the cost of shipping by sending the fourth by itself, we custom modified one crate to hold all four! With modifications to the interior (additional padded locating brackets) and exterior (2x6s to raise the lid and increase capacity), it took a little time and energy to make sure the cases made it safely to The Volunteer State.

Is there something you need? Does it look like it might not be worth the hassle? Let us help! We can work with you to get you what you need, safely, on time and within budget. We're used to working a little harder and we enjoy a good challenge!

Give us a call at 801-478-6843, email info@materialresourcers.com or stop by our retail location (36 West Fayette Ave, Unit 1, SLC, UT 84101). We'd be happy to chat with you about your project!

Micah Salmon
Micah Salmon


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