About Us

They say necessity is the mother of invention. That was true for me in 2012. Needing a unique canvas for a large art-installation project, I discovered reclaimed billboards were the perfect medium. The project came and went, but I recognized that this material had broader value than just filling space in a landfill. Before long, I saw other industrial byproducts and manufacturing waste in a similar light. I knew that by uncovering more uses for this stuff, I could make a difference for businesses, consumers, and the planet. Later that year, I started Material Resourcers with three goals:

Today, I still looks at things through a "repurposing lens"; seeing value in junk, finding alternative uses for unwanted materials, and getting it into the hands of people at an affordable price. Material Resourcers creates simple solutions for businesses and property owners; from reuse and repurposing, to reclamation and material brokerage. When it comes to our products, we inspect, test, and verify the quality and durability of everything we sell before it goes out the door. Our comprehensive material solutions protect the environment, build stronger communities, and support the local economy. We are changing the way communities think about trash, one material at a time!


Daniel Salmon - Owner


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