28 Mil Vinyl Sheeting

Originally intended for large-format billboard signs commonly seen on semi-truck trailers, this vinyl sheeting material is brand new, and has never been used. The ultra heavy duty, 28 mil thick, three-ply vinyl material is far superior to traditional tarps, being almost six times thicker, and made of vinyl instead of polyethylene. It features a built-in UV protectant, and a white backing (some are white on both sides; some have a print on one side), excellent for reflecting light and heat. This material does not have mounting pockets, but should respond well to grommet installation. Most are a bit over 8' wide (although some are narrower), and lengths vary from 10' to over 15', with some reaching as long as 100'. Note: NONE ARE WIDER THAN 8'5". These are a vastly superior option to traditional hardware store type tarps, and should last for many years.
  • PRICING: $0.25/square foot, plus tax. 
Card or cash only. 1% discount for cash. 
    For example, a piece that is 8' x 15' is 120 square feet, and will cost $30.00, plus tax. Pricing varies by size. Each piece has been measured and marked with its dimension, square footage and weight. To determine pricing, simply multiply the marked square footage by .25. There are no uniform sizes, so a bit of searching to find your preferred size may be required.
    Use them as a tarp to cover your boat, RV, carport, roof, project, wood pile, ATV, and more. They're perfect as ground cover, weed barrier or planter liner. Excellent for camping to build a rain cover over your campsite or under your tent. These are also great as a vapor barrier, roofing or siding underlayment, and they make great water slides, too. Waterproof, flexible and versatile, this material works well for many uses. Pick one up today!
    Each sign is folded neatly and should easily fit in the trunk of an average car. 

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