Solid Wood Flooring

This solid wood flooring was carefully removed from a local home in preparation for a remodel. It is in good, used condition, ready for it's second life. Nails have been removed; some small nail pieces may remain. May have minor imperfections from the removal process. Excellent flooring for your home, restaurant, business, office, etc. Great for walls, projects, and more. Appears to have been refinished at some point. 

  • Solid mahogany or oak
  • Tongue and groove design
  • 3/4" thick
  • 2.25"or 3" wide
  • Approximately 345 square feet of 3" mahogany available (reddish brown)
  • Approximately 279 square feet of 2.25" oak available (tan)
  • Brand unknown
  • Age unknown

Sold by the square foot:

  • $2.25/s.f. if less than 500 s.f. is purchased
  • $2.00/s.f. if 500 s.f. or more is purchased
  • Plus tax

Card or cash payment only. 1% discount for cash.

Minimum purchase of 200 s.f. required.

Flooring is arranged into various like-sized, plastic-wrapped bundles, which range in length from about a foot, to nearly 8 feet. Bundles have been weighed and marked. Each square foot weighs approximately 3.3143 pounds, and each pound of material corresponds to approximately .302 square feet.

To determine pricing of any bundle, first determine it's square footage by multiplying it's marked weight times .302. For example, a bundle that weighs 24.3 lbs. equals approximately 7.331 square feet of flooring, and costs $16.49. When choosing flooring, the weights of each bundle chosen will be tallied, multiplied by .302, then multiplied by the appropriate rate. For example, should you purchase bundles that weigh 47.8 lbs., 32.4 lbs., 44.3 lbs., 36.1 lbs., 29.2 lbs., 51.1 lbs., 47.4 lbs., and 50.9 lbs., you'd have a total of 339.2 lbs. of flooring. This equals approximately 102.44 square feet. Multiply this by $2.25, and your total is $230.49, plus tax.

Should you know how much square footage you require, multiply that number by 3.3143 to determine the total weight your needed material. For instance, if you need 640 square feet of material, you would need 2121.15 lbs. of material. Pricing for this amount of flooring would be $1280.00, plus tax.

Please note that bundles will not be split.

We are able to help you choose and load to an extent; we cannot sift through every bundle for you, and suggest you bring help. We do have a forklift with which we can help load materials onto flat, accessible loading surfaces.

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