New Framing Brackets



  • Simpson Strong Tie (SST) and Mitek framing brackets.
  • New.
  • Various styles: Hangers, Caps, Straps, Plates, Angles, Clips, Bases, Ties, etc.
  • Most are boxed; some are loose or bundled. 
  • Boxes only; will not be separated, and individual pieces are not available.
  • Below pricing reflects approximately 20-30% off typical DIY store pricing.
  • Note: Not all items available are pictured.


Mitek HD17112 Hanger 1.75"x11.25"-16"; 4/bundle: $35.70 (1 bundle available).

Mitek JUS210 Joist Hanger 2x10 or 2x12; 49/box: $76.50 (1 box available).

Mitek RT7A Hurricane Tie 1.5"x6.5"; 100/box: $48.00 (1 box available).

SST A34 Framing Angle; 100/box: $42.00/box (54 boxes available).

SST A35 Framing Angle; 100/box: $44.20/box (75 boxes available).

SST AC6Z Post Cap; 20/box: $185.20/box (2 boxes available).

SST BC4 Post Cap 4x; 10/box: $64.40 (1 box available).

SST BC46 Cap/Base; 10/box: $70.90/box (5 boxes available).

SST BC6 Cap/Base; 10/box: $119.20/box (2 boxes available).

SST BCS2-2/4 Cap/Base; 13/box: $64.70 (1 box available).

SST BCS2-3/6 Post Cap; 10/box: $76.70 (1 box available).

SST CS14 Coiled Strap 14 ga. x 100' x 1.25": $109 each (6 available).

SST CTS218 18" 14 ga. Compression/Tension Strap; 50/box: $173.20/box (5 boxes available). 

SST DGBF5.25 Top Flange Fire Wall Hanger; 5/box: $434.00 (1 box available).

SST DGF2.1/11.88 Top Flange Fire Wall Hanger; 8/box: $373.00/box (22 boxes available). 

SST H3 Hurricane Tie; 100/box: $40.50 (1 box available).

SST H8 Hurricane Tie; 100/box: $56.70 (1 box available).

SST L90 Angle; 50/box: $141.60/box (14 boxes available). 

SST LB28 2x8 Top Flange Hanger; 50/box: $203.20/box (16 boxes available).

SST LCE4 Post Cap 4x4; 20/box: $79.70/box (11 boxes available).

SST LTP4 Tie Plate; 35/box: $15.40 (1 box available).

SST LUS26 Hanger; 42/box: $40.00 (1 box available).

SST STC Roof Truss Clip; 200/box: $95.10/box (8 boxes available).

(+7.75% sales tax).

  • Cash price; 2% surcharge for credit cards. 


  • PICKUP: No appointment required. Limited hand loading provided.
  • DELIVERY: Available within 40 miles of SLC for a fee. Limited hand off-loading provided. Please call for delivery pricing.


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