New Vinyl Mesh Sheeting

This vinyl sheeting was originally intended for use as billboard material (the material on which billboard signs are printed), but was left unused when a printing company upgraded their printers to use a newer style of vinyl.

All rolls are mesh material. This would make an excellent sun shade, permeable weed / garden barrier, screen, window cover, and more. It allows some air and water through, while also providing a sturdy, semi-opaque barrier. This material is also white on both sides, with a built-in UV protectant.

These do not have mounting pockets or grommets. Mounting solutions are at the buyer's discretion.

The following options are available:

- 10.5' wide, 17 mil thick, mesh: $1.25/linear foot, plus tax

- 16.5' wide, 17 mil thick, mesh: $1.75/linear foot, plus tax

To determine the price of a sheet of material, choose the width and thickness you want, then multiply the price listed above by the length you need.

May be cut to various lengths, up to 100'; if a longer length is needed, an entire roll (approximately 165 ft.) must be purchased. To create longer lengths, sheets may be glued together with Oatey X-15 or an equivalent. Please note that the measuring and cutting process can take some time, so calling to order in advance may be a good option. Whole rolls are available as well; please call for details.

Payment by card or cash only. 1% discount for cash. 

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