Oak Wine Barrels



  • Authentic wine barrels.
  • Aged red wines in California, Oregon and France, and/or were used for unique, small-batch beers, whiskies or bourbons.
  • Made of 1 inch thick oak, and galvanized steel bands.
  • May or may not hold liquid, depending on how recently dumped; many dried barrels can be rehydrated.
  • Some still emit a light aroma, and all have a light, crystalized coating inside.
  • Will have at least some minor branding, such as the name of the vineyard or year of barreling.
  • All barrels have at least some very light staining from age and/or draining. Some have significant red staining.
  • Most are 38 inches high, 26 inches at widest, 22 inches at narrowest, although sizes may vary.
  • Approximately 120 lbs. each.
  • All barrels sold as is.
  • We occasionally have oversized barrels available. Please call for to check inventory.
  • Barrels can be cut in to planter halves for $20, or cradle halves for $40.
  • Other services include lid removal for $15/lid, affixing bands for $20, power washing for $20, and exterior water repellant/stain for $40.
  • Please provide 24 hours notice for any services.
  • Individual barrel parts are also available: $1.00/lb. for staves and $2.00 per hoop.


  • $80.00 for significantly red-stained barrels.
  • $90.00 for barrels with little to no red staining.

(+7.75% sales tax). 

  • Cash price; 2% surcharge for credit cards. 
  • 5% discount on purchases of ten or more. 


  • PICKUP: No appointment required for purchases of ten or fewer. If more than ten are needed, please contact us to make arrangements.
  • DELIVERY: Available within 40 miles of SLC for a fee. Please call for delivery pricing.


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