Polycarbonate Wood-Look Siding

This high-grade poly siding was originally intended for use on high-end hot tubs, but was never used. It is brand new, and ready for installation. Perfect as exterior siding for homes, sheds, garages, and more, it's equally appropriate for interior purposes. It can be used as flooring, but will require a subfloor, and is not recommended for heavily trafficked areas.

The following colors and sizes are available:

  • Mahogany (dark brown) - 6" W x 75.5" L - 6606 sq. ft. available.
  • Espresso (lighter brown) - 5" W x 75.5" L - 5426 sq. ft. available.

Other details:

  • 3/8" thick. 
  • Tongue and groove design. 
  • Wood-look pattern; looks like real wood. Patterned on both sides; one side is flat, the other features a center groove. 
  • Made from recycled plastic. 
  • Weatherproof - will not crack, peel or rot, and no sanding, staining or painting required. 
  • Can be cut with standard tools. 
  • Easy to clean; a yearly power wash is usually sufficient. 
  • Durable and low-maintenance. 
  • Bundled; 15 pieces per bundle; 630 pieces per pallet. 
  • Bundle of 5"x75.5" = 39.32 sq. ft.
  • Bundle of 6"x75.5" = 47.19 sq. ft.
  • Sold by the square foot, however, bundles will not be broken; you must purchase complete bundles, even if the total square footage is greater than needed. 
  • Sold as is; although new, it's possible there may be minor blemishes to corners or edges. 
  • Examples are located at our retail location, but the bulk of the material is located off-site. PLEASE CALL TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT if you intend to purchase. 


200 sq. ft. or less: $1.00/sq. ft., plus tax.

200-500 sq. ft: $0.95/sq. ft., plus tax.

More than 500 sq. ft.: $0.90/sq. ft., plus tax.

Card or cash payment only. 1% discount for cash. 

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