Styled Brick Pavers

These reclaimed brick pavers were installed at a local home, and recently removed for a remodel. All bricks appear to be in good, usable condition, and would be perfect for a home, office, restaurant or business as walls, fascias, walkways, stepping stones, driveways, decor and more.

Available in an aged red hue with gray highlights. Pavers do not truly interlock, but fit snuggly together in a repeating, wavy pattern.

  • Each brick is approximately 8.5" L x 4" W x 2.25" H
  • Approximately 44 square feet available

Bricks will be sold individually, with a minimum purchase of 50, or by the pallet. 


$0.60/paver ($30 minimum purchase)

 Pallet of 190: $105.00 

Plus tax. No bulk-rate discounts.

Payment by card or cash only. 1% discount for cash.

Delivery is not available for this material unless you are purchasing one or more pallets, and we have confirmation that a forklift is available at the delivery location, otherwise you must pick it up. Delivery fee is determined based on location. We cannot load or offload more than 50 pieces by hand. We do have a forklift available for loading, but pick-up vehicle must have a perfectly flat deck/bed upon which the material may be easily loaded; we cannot fork-load the material over the tops of trailer and/or pickup truck bed sides, up ramps, etc. We can usually load a pallet or two into a truck bed, but it sometimes requires the removal of the tailgate.

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C A L L / T E X T : 801-478-6843 X1 


More questions? Email or call/text us now at: (801) 478-6843. We look forward to helping you!

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