Vintage Reclaimed Brick

This vintage brick was installed on the exterior of an old office building. It is over 100 years old, and has a fantastic rustic appearance. All bricks appears to be in good, usable condition, and would be perfect for a home, office, restaurant or business as walls, fascias, walkways, stepping stones, driveways, decor and more.

Available in a mottled yellow hue with orange/reddish highlights. One pallet of bricks is available at our retail location and may be seen during normal business hours, all additional pallets are located off-site, and will require an appointment to purchase; please call to arrange a time. 

  • Each brick is approximately 8.5" L x 4" W x 2.5" D 
  • Each pallet holds approximately 107 square feet 

Bricks will be sold by the pallet only. Each pallet holds 420 bricks. Pricing is as follows:

1 pallet: $525.00, plus tax (equal to $1.25/brick).

2 or more pallets: $420.00, plus tax, per pallet (equal to $1.00/brick).

Payment by card or cash only. 1% discount for cash. 

Delivery is not available for this material unless we have confirmation that a forklift is available at the delivery location, otherwise you must pick it up; we cannot offload by hand. We have a forklift available for loading, but pick-up vehicle must have a perfectly flat deck upon which the material may be easily loaded; we cannot fork-load the material over the tops of trailer sides, up ramps, etc.


36 W. FAYETTE AVE (970 S.), #1


B U S I N E S S  H O U R S:


  • A P P O I N T M E N T * N E C E S S A R Y *
  • We have one pallet located at our retail location; most brick is off site. Please call.

C A L L / T E X T : 801-478-6843 X1 


    More questions? Email or call/text us now at: (801) 478-6843. We look forward to helping you!

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